Dedicated Email Hosting - Why do I need it ?

We believe that reliable email delivery is a core requirement in any business. While the web server based email hosting solution is good it’s not business grade.

Having your email run on the same server as websites has inherent risks. If there are any websites on that server that have a bad reputation, it can adversely affect the delivery of emails from that server. Websites can get a bad reputation when they suffer security compromises. This has not been very common on our servers but it does happen.

3 main benefits of a dedicated email host

  1. Better delivery rates. Emails are far less likely to be flagged as spam when coming from a dedicated email host.
  2. More space. The plans below offer between 5GB and 50GB per account. Typical web server based hosting only provides 3-5GB in total for all accounts and website files.
  3. Device syncing. More space means it’s easier to keep mail on the server and therefore keep all your devices in sync.

Juno recommends 4 options for email hosting.

  1. Microsoft Outlook 365. This is a good solution if you use other Microsoft applications and services. Great for people who use Microsoft Outlook as their email program.

Cost: $6 per month
Space per email account: 50GB


  1. Google Mail (G Suite)

Cost: $5 per month
Space per email account: 30GB


  1. Zoho Mail

Free Version
Cost: $0 per month
Space per email account: 5GB

Paid version
Cost: $2 per month
Space per email account: 25GB
See features and pricing below


  1. Amazon WorkmailA good solution for customers who need lots of space for email and are not tied to Microsoft Outlook or Google.

Cost: $4 per month
Space per email account: 50GB

Juno can assess your situation and make the best recommendation for email hosting.